Our Process

At Velvet Bricks™ Investments, we review each deal against multiple criterion. This is because unlike other real estate investment specialists who work on commission, we actually own the properties that we sell onwards to our clients. This means that we cannot afford to be anyything less than absolutely sure when valueing various potential offerings by Developers. Only when we are sure that the properties that we intend to sell onwards to our clients have enough built in equity in them, do we actually list them.

We evaluating various options in today’s marketplace, where there is an abundant offering of real estate investments, by following global best practices.

Our 3 Step Assessment Process To Identify Real Opportunities

  • Comparative analysis of current of offering vs current market supply for both sq. feet, price and payment terms
  • Relatively safe investor exit options due to purchase below market rate, irrespective of market forces
  • How many years experience
  • Experience in similar construction category
  • Financially sound and not involved in too many projects which could impair ability
  • Is there enough demand for the units coming onto the market in that particular category and general vicinity?
  • Is the Development in an area managed/created by professional town plannners working for highly reputable private developers or alternativley the appropriate governmental oversight body like CDA